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Mon Jun 27, 2022 6:04 pm
Ryan Addison

 Character Name: Ryan Addison
Origin: England

  Ryan Addison was born in 9 September 1986 in Sheffield, England. He was known as a naughty kid in elementary school and was even naughtier once he reached Highschool. When he finally got his Driving Licenses at 17 he quickly bought an old Trueno using the money he had and the money given by his father and once he got the hang of driving the car he entered his first street race. During the race Ryan was leading only to find 2 police cars following him and evantually he got caught. He was brought to the Police Station where his parents were waiting, his father was furious at him and took his car away. Ryan was pissed that his beloved car was taken away so now all he could do was work hard, get some money and move out, and thats what he did.

   He worked at a Mechanic Garage where he learned how to fix and tune cars. After getting enough money to move out he decided he would go to USA more precisely Los Santos. He didn't know much about USA but all he knew was that there were many racers there. When he arrived in Los Santos he didn't have much money left so he quickly looked for a job and the only thing he could do was fix cars , so he worked as a mechanic. He quickly bought a Levin and tried to tune it like his old Trueno but failed.

   So he sold it off and had to work more to get a new car which was a Nissan Skyline R32, and after tuning the car he could finally race again. He was driving around the city looking for information on street races which led him to the Azure Eagles Crew, he met their leader and asked if he could join. He got accepted and raced to his hearts content. One day Nakazawa was caught mingling with the enemy crew which made Ryan furious and in the end killed Nakazawa. Ryan regreted doing that and tried all he could to forget his past, so he sold his Black R32, the symbol that described his old self and bought a 2012 Camaro which he colored white. Unable to control the high torqued engine he decided to buy a RB26DETT twin-turbo engine and put it in his new char. After finally mastering the new engine he decided in joining no crew but to hunt for racers by himself. He went around town racing anyone he could race and because of this he got the nickname " White Wolf ". Now Ryan still hunts down for racers and still enjoys racing.

Saya Magelang18 bersedia jika character saya Ryan_Addison dibanned account permanent karena copy-paste story

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